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Interior Design Kenya - Best interior design in nairobi kenya - Pasesi InteriorsWe are an interior design company in Nairobi, Kenya with a single objective, to offer high-quality interiors to the highest levels of international standards and that meet your needs. Our expertise ranges across multiple interior design styles, and we are highly competent at designing any space, including commercial, retail, offices, residential (kitchen, bedroom, and more), hotels, and other spaces. We are one of the best interior design firms in Kenya because we give life to your spaces.

Our Scope of Competence

The Services we offer
We introduce beauty into Commercial spaces


We introduce beauty into Commercial spaces

Interior Design in Residential Spaces.


Interior Design in Residential Spaces.

We recreate you office space


We recreate you office space

We recreate the hospitality industry spaces into beauty


We recreate the hospitality industry spaces into beauty

Expert tensile architecture


Expert tensile architecture

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Why our Services tick
At Pasesi we have a very well laid-down procedure of working with our clients, right from the point of contact to the full completion of the project.

The intricate task of delivering on projects is summarized as follows:

  1. Brief taking – Meeting with the client and/or with the lead project consultants. The overview of the project is discussed. The scope of work is defined for the interior designer.

Follow up contract is drawn up and signed by parties after an agreement is reached at.

All relevant drawings from various consultants are shared with the interior designers, at the request of the client.

  1. Concept design – From the above, Pasesi, as your interior designer, will do a concept document reflecting on the clients/consultants briefing with regard to the scope of work. The concept document will be shared with the other relevant consultants for their overview and input.
  2. The process of technical work then comes in to play. Preliminary schematics and drawings are prepared to build on the brief and taking up the approved concepts on the project.

Preliminary budgets are done as per the relevant professional of your project.

  1. Further designing of the schematic drawings is done, alongside other documentation of specifications for tendering and sourcing of suppliers for the project.
  2. Further budgeting is done with the coordination of the relevant professionals and specialists in preparation for tendering and commissioning.
  3. Construction works commence with the supervision of the interior designer with regard to interior works.
  4. Defects Liability Period – after completion of the project, the project is handed over and a defect liability period takes effect.

Areas of Expertise

Our approach is pretty simple: turning all regular spaces into beautiful spaces. It all comes down to developing a comprehensive and simple line of professional process and space development. That's why our product development is currently the only child we spoil the most.

Our Work Standard

We strive to meet internal standards of buildings as required in the construction Industry both for public buildings and private buildings.

Professional Service

Professionalism is a priority for us. We have a process in place that puts you as a priority from beginning to end. Our combination of technical and business skills fused with our passion for customer service will make sure you have a great experience working with us every time.

Quick response time

We understand that your time is precious, and we don’t want to slow you down from getting your dream space. So, we work very efficiently to get you what you need. We are able to move you through the entire process swiftly without compromising quality.

Modern Design Concepts

We pride ourselves on nothing but the best-quality designs. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, look no further. Our designs incorporate the latest in design concepts, technologies, and techniques to ensure you have a modern design that is functional and aesthetically appealing.

Diverse Portfolio

Our skill set in interior design covers a wide range of areas. Whether you’re looking for the best design possible for your residential, office, commercial, or hospitality-related space, we are well-versed and ready to make it happen for you. Even more specifically, we can produce high-quality work for floor finishes, paintings & wall finishes, ceilings, kitchen & joinery works, and anything else your imagination desires.

Responsive to Environment

Our designs are more than just sketches and drawings. We take into account the smallest and finest details to provide the most functional space you could possibly need. We consider all the factors that are unique to your environment and situation, including the positives and the shortcomings of the surroundings, and this makes our process and final product very efficient.

Environmentally friendly

One of our main aims is to produce spaces that are as environmentally friendly as possible. This has the obvious benefit to the environment, but it also ensures we implement the most innovative techniques and designs in place, which will also benefit you greatly.

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