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We, Pasesi Interiors, are an interior design firm with a highly capable team that’s ready to work on any interior design project all over Kenya. Something that distinguishes us in the industry of interior design is that we add life to your spaces with your stories behind it. Our interior design services range from residential, office, hospitality, commercial interior design and even more specific areas of interior design such as tensile architecture, joinery works, ceilings, wall and floor finishes, and more. Our collection of skills, knowledge, and resources allows us enough flexibility to provide you with whatever you need.


We strive for professionalism to ensure you have the best experience possible working with us. Our process is as efficient as it can be so that you get the highest quality of work in the most ideal amount of time. We stand 100% behind our designs because we apply the best techniques, concept, and technology towards providing nothing but high quality. We also design spaces that are responsive to the environment which basically means the most efficient designs that benefit you and the environment without any compromises, only gains.


Our Mission
We strive to design spaces that have creative input because these tend to be the most functional and unique. We also aim for design that is beautiful and aesthetically appealing; a space you can be proud of. Finally, we endeavour to design spaces that are based on functionality and practicality. All of these factors come together beautifully to provide you with a space you envisage and even beyond your imagination and expectation.


Our Vision
We make conscious and deliberate efforts to refine our process and skills to lead us toward being the go-to interior design studio in Kenya. We work hard to design spaces that can stand the test of time, both for functionality and aesthetics. Once more, we aspire towards designing buildings and spaces that are original, functional, and highly appealing. In doing all of this, we hope to contribute to a future of sustainable and advanced buildings and also, buildings that take advantage of both existing and emerging technologies and techniques in the construction industry. We also endeavour to champion green design and buildings in the developing world.



Beautiful design for a modern kitchen with a white interior - kitchen interior design kenya
Hospitality interiors design for a lodge room with two beds and stone walls - interior designers in kenya
This is a great design for a modern kitchen. It's spacious with great features - interior design services in kenya
gypsum This is a beautifully-design ceiling. The materials and lighting in the ceiling is amazing - interior design kenya

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