Tensile Architecture
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Tensile Architecture

November 12, 2018
Y ou got an open space, a balcony, a courtyard, children’s playground or a backyard that you would like to be covered against weather elements. Get a shade sail today.
Or you just bought yourself a brand-new car, that’s very close to your heart and you would like to provide a shade over to protect against sunshine and UV light. You can get a car shade today.
Or you got gazebo, a chillout space, a roof top space and you would like to have it covered. Get a shade structure today.
Feel free to contact as for an ideal design for your space and quote as well.
Tensile Structure mainly are designed to help us safe guard against weather elements, sunshine and UV rays, rainfall and hail stones. They also help protect against falling items that may damage your car, or treasures. The materials we use are of very high quality sourced from top suppliers in the world having a guarantee of 10years, 15years and 20years.